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Softconcepts was established in 1982 as a custom programming organization. It became apparent in the early eighties no one was writing programs for small businesses. For the next five years all software programs were custom.


One of our first clients, a small trucking company in Northeast Pennsylvania, asked us to custom program an accounting and dispatching program.


It wasn't long before legal, medical, manufacturing and retail industries were requesting custom programming services.

In 1987 "canned" software packages were becoming increasingly available and affordable. To better serve our clients we decided to concentrate on software that was proven in the field. This saved our clients time and money. Software packages were customized if needed and made to fit the clients requirements.


New networking and operating systems provide more economical means for small businesses to join in the benefits of computers. It wasn't difficult for small companies to see the advantages of computers. From automated payroll to printing accounts payable checks, time was saved and accuracy was increased. This meant more productivity per man hour. Increased information flow for improved management decision making.


Today Softconcepts offers support for a large range of software and hardware products. We custom design our computer systems to meet the requests of our clients. We still perform custom programming. The necessity to improve canned software packages will  never disappear. 


Support remains our foremost intent. We will always place our clients above all else. If we provide it "we will support it"..

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